Pet peeves

Hi guys, today I will be talking about my pet peeves and little things that annoy me. Comment below if you agree with any.

  1. When people don’t text you back
  2. Getting stuck behind slow walkers and not being able to go around (I’m a really fast walker)
  3. The sound of your fork scraping across your plate
  4. When people are late
  5. When your parents come into your room and don’t shut the door
  6. People that ask ‘how’s school?’
  7. When my laptop dies without warning
  8. When people can’t spell simple words
  9. When you’re wearing socks and you step in something wet
  10. When you’re shopping and the product is either not your size or way too expensive 
  11. People that don’t know the difference between your and you’re 

I’ll probably update it when I can think of more, but I hope you can relate

Future aspirations

Hi guys, today I will be talking about my future goals and aspirations.

I think since I was 10 years old, I’d wanted to be an actress. Most people don’t actually know that, because I am usually pretty quiet and introverted. Someday, I would love to be able to star in a movie or a tv show. Obviously, that’s a pretty difficult thing get into.

Another thing I would love to do is something along the lines of design. Whether it is interior design, architecture, graphic design, food design, I just love the idea of being creative in many different ways.

When I’m 18, I want to go to America for a year and travel around Europe and Asia as well. I would love to move to LA, but as it’s really far from where I live, it might not be possible. 

Something I have been thinking about for a while is starting a business. I’ve seen all over Instagram different stores, all with unique items in them. Something that I’m passionate about is jewellery. Everytime I go shopping, I always head to the jewellery displays first before looking at the clothes. So if I start my own business when I’m older, I would love to create my own jewellery.

I hope you guys have a great day!💖

School morning routine

Hi guys, today I will be sharing my morning routine for a school day. If you enjoyed, let me know and I might do a weekend morning routine or a night routine.

I usually wake up at 7:00am by my very annoying alarm on my phone. Then I check social media and try and go back to sleep until about 7:30, but sometimes I don’t get up till 8. 

Next, I head into the bathroom and have a shower. I don’t have to worry about picking an outfit because my school has a uniform.

After my shower, I wash my face and put on some moisturiser. Then, I begin my makeup for the days I wear it. My everyday makeup routine is really simple. I only use concealer, powder and mascara because I don’t need a whole lot of coverage.

When my hair is looking good that day I would leave it out, but I generally have it in a high ponytail so it’s out of the way.

Next I eat breakfast. My mum makes pancakes some days, so I usually eat them. After breakfast, I head back into the bathroom and brush my teeth.

Lastly, I finish packing my backpack with my lunch and and homework I have and go to school. My school starts at 8:45 and it’s not that far from where I live, so I usually have enough to get ready.


This week, I am going to be sharing my experiences in Hawaii. I hope you enjoy

Day 1:

Because Hawaii is 21 hours behind Melbourne, we left at 5pm on the 15th of January and landed in Honolulu at 6am on the same day. Obviously we were all pretty tired as we had no sleep on the plane but we still got to see an amazing sunrise 🌅 whilst leaving the airport.

The first day went by pretty fast. We stopped at a restaurant for breakfast and ate the fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever eaten.

After breakfast, we went down the main road and did some sight seeing and also went down to the beach for a bit. We were all still pretty tired and the rest of the day was very uneventful.

Day 2:

On the second day we went to Ala Moana shopping centre and did some shopping. If you would like to know what I got, check out my Hawaii Haul.

Day 3:

This day was a relaxing day. We went down to a the beach for a while, which was absolutely gorgeous.

In the evening we embraced the Hawaiian culture and saw a Hula show on a the beach and another sunset.

Day 4:

Today we went for a hike at Manoa Falls. It was pretty scenic and got very rocky at the top, but the view was totally worth it. I heard later on that Jurassic Park was filmed there.

It was harder on the way down because it had started raining and the path was very slippery.

I also tried shave ice today, and I’m so glad I did because it’s so good. I have a pic of what mine looked like before I tipped it over. 

In the afternoon, I went down the mainstreet with my mum and sister and did a bit of shopping and browsing.

Day 5:

Today was another beach morning. We went down the pier, this time and could see the beautiful, clean water and a bunch of people surfing.

I got another shave ice because I really like them. In the evening we went back to the beach for the sunset and it was really nice

Day 6:

On Friday, we hired a car so we could go to the North Shore. We made quite a few stops at different locations. The first one was at Turtle Bay but there weren’t any turtles.

Next we went to the roughest surf beach I’d ever seen. Only professional surfers were allowed in the water.

After that we went to Waimea falls, another waterfall. This time we were allowed to swim in it. Since it was about 10m deep in some areas, we had to wear life jackets but it was totally worth it. 

There were also many movies filmed there including: Journey 2 the Mysterious Island, Catching Fire and Chipwrecked.

Our last stop was on the way back to Honolulu, which was at Aloha Wow Wow Lemonade. I’d seen YouTubers go to this place and was really excited to go. I got a Strawberry Limeade and it was amazing.

There are also fireworks every Friday night at the Hilton, but we watched from Waikiki beach. This day was probably my favourite out of all of them.

Day 7:

The weather was extremely windy today, so it was a bit harder to go sight seeing. One of the locations we went to were these blowholes, which were pretty cool.

We didn’t do much in the afternoon, because the weather was awful, but in the evening we watched Moana.

Day 8:

Our second last day in Hawaii. Today we went back to Ala Moana to do some more shopping and to have another look at American stores.

Day 9:

We spent the morning of our final day at the beach. I tried to tan, but my pale skin just doesn’t tan at all. 😂 In the afternoon, we went for another walk down the main road and looked at a few shops before we had dinner.

Once we got back to the hotel, we had to fully pack because our flight was at 8am so we had to get up at 4am. 
That was pretty much my holiday in Hawaii. I’m super grateful for the experience and I definitely miss it right now. If you enjoyed, leave a comment below, because Iove to chat. I hope everyone’s having a great day or night. Bye guys.

Hawaii haul

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog: Diamonds + Daydreaming! Today I will be doing a haul of everything that I got while I was in Hawaii with my family. Enjoy!

From Bath & Body Works I got these 4 hand sanitisers and they all smell so good! The scents are: A Thousand Wishes, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Champagne Sparkle and Watermelon Lemonade.

I also got a body lotion in the scent: Vanilla Bean Noel (yes, I know it’s not the holiday season anymore, but I love vanilla). The last thing from babw is this shower gel that has the scent: Sweet Tropical Vanilla.

The next thing are these Nike Roshe shoes. I’m usually the type of person that would go for the pinks and purples, but I absolutely love these shoes and they go with everything!

I went to Forever 21 for the first time ever because they don’t have a store in Melbourne and I got this pinky-orangey tshirt. Don’t mind the wrinkles in it, though, I decided to retake all my pictures when I got home and it had been in my suitcase for ages. 😂😂

The second item from Forever 21 is this grey hoodie. It has New York City printed onto it. I really needed a new hoodie and this one is perfect for me because I really want to got to NYC.

When I was at Aloha Wow Wow Lemonade, I bought a mason jar with my drink. If anyone is going to Hawaii, I definitely recommend this place, the lemonade is so good. The next thing is a thermos water bottle from Macy’s. It is metallic with purple and blue and I can’t wait to use it.

I have been looking for a nice necklace for quite a while and when I was at the abc store, this one caught my eye. It is sterling silver has a palm tree in a diamond circle. I know that I will wear this almost everyday because it is so pretty 

From the abc store I also got this pineapple keychain to remind me of this Hawaii holiday. It’s pink and has gems all over it.

The last thing I got were these eos. They came in a winter set and the flavours are Vanilla Bean and Winterberry. 

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Hawaii OOTW

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. Today’s post is going to be an Outfit Of The Week: Hawaii Edition. I’ve been having an amazing time in Hawaii this week. I only have a few days left till I have to go back to Melbourne on a long, 10-hour flight. These are the outfits that I have worn this week, hope you enjoy 💖


Tshirt: Factorie

Shorts: Jay Jays

Sandals: Diana Ferrari

Bag: Colette

Sunglasses: H&M


Tshirt: Cotton On

Shorts: Factorie

Sneakers: Nike

Choker: Colette


Tshirt: Supre

Shorts: Factorie

Sneakers: Nike

Bracelets: Unknown


Tshirt: Factorie

Shorts: Factorie

Sneakers: Nike

Choker: Colette


Dress: Factorie

Bikini: Target

Sandals: Diana Ferrari
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My travels✈️

At the time I will be posting this I will be on the plane going to Hawaii, so I think that it sounds about right to write about the places I’ve been and the places I would love to go to.

I’ve been very lucky to have been able to travel to Europe when I was just 11, as well as being able to go to other places in Australia (where I live). I am currently 15, so I have gone with my parents and my sister to these places.

Where I’ve travelled:

In Australia:

  • Queensland, Australia (5 times: 4 times to the Gold Coast and once to Noosa
  • Sydney, Australia
  • And various cities and towns that are several hour drives from Melbourne; I won’t list them all because there are a lot and many people would never have heard of these places


  • Bangkok, Thailand (but just for 24 hours, I did get to see a bit of it when we were driving to and from the hotel, though)
  • London, UK
  • Paris, France
  • Rome, Italy
  • Israel

Where I really want to visit:

  • LA, New York, USA
  • Canada
  • Bora Bora
  • Iceland
  • Greece
  • New Zealand
  • Great Barrier Reef, Australia 
  • Japan

Thanks for reading! Comment below what places you want would love to visit!

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