First Post | New Year’s Resolutions

Since it is the first week of January 2017, I thought that it would be the right time to start up my first blog. I have been thinking about this for quite a while, and I think it is something that will be really fun to do because I have a lot of spare time. For my first post I will be writing my New Years Resolutions. Enjoy!

  1. Eat more healthy1 Fruit.jpg
    This is a pretty obvious resolution and I know basically everyone has it on their list. I do eat a lot of healthy foods, but I also eat a lot of unhealthy foods. My goal is to cut down on the unhealthy foods and make my diet more balanced. At the end of 2016 it was 50/50 to healthy food and junk food and I would rather it be more like 80/20 to healthy food. I know that it will make me feel healthier and happier about myself.
  2. Get on top of schoolwork for the future year
    At the start of ev1 School.jpgery school year I tell myself that I will work really hard and put 100% into all my work. Halfway through the year it goes down to about 80% and by the end of the year it might be like 50%. This year I really want to work 100% for the whole year. I am going into year 10 so it is starting to get more important since exams begin and I only have 3 more years left in high school.
  3. Become more organised
    I want to be more organised in my schoolwork and my bedroom. I don’t think that I have to say anything else about this goal, just that I really like when everything is neat and tidy and that is not like my bedroom.
  4. Actually complete my room makeover
    My bedroom is where I spend a lot of my time in when I’m at home. When I am not eating, shopping with friends or at school, that is where I’ll be. I have wanted to re-do my bedroom for a couple of years. Due to being a very good procrastinator, it has never been fully done. For the last few weeks, I have finally gone through all the things I currently have in my room and decided on what I want to keep. I also would like to paint it a very pale shade of blue and get some new furniture, preferably a new desk, some shelving, a bed and to decorate it to my liking. Once it is done, I will make a whole post about it.
  5. Become more confident inside and out.
    When I’m not with my family and close friends I am usually really quiet and shy. It can be hard to socialise with other people because I am so quiet and I really want to build up my confidence. I am also very insecure about myself and am always finding small imperfections that I have and getting very overwhelmed about it. This year I am starting a drama class for tv and movies because I have wanted to be an actress ever since I was 10. Through this, I want to be able to become more confident and talk to more people.
  6. Perfect winged eyeliner
    This might be kind of silly, but it is something that I struggle at. Whenever I put on makeup I skip the eyeliner because I am terrible at doing it. I usually end up looking like a panda. So that is why I would love to learn how to perfect it, and I will try harder at making it look good.

I know that this post was long but I love to talk and I usually have to say a lot about things. If there are any people actually reading this that would be so cool so I’d love it if you leave a positive comment about anything if you want. If you want to chat with me, I have my Twitter and my Instagram handle in my About section, so check that out, please. It would mean a lot to me.


9 thoughts on “First Post | New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Miriam Gould says:

    What great ideas! I have decided to try to lose some weight so that is my resolution…..and eat more healthily too.

    Why do sweet things always seem more interesting? There must be a way of making them seem boring…whoever finds that will make a fortune! Love from Gma.


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